Police: Intruder attacked elderly man with stun gun

LINCOLN, R.I. (WPRI) — Lincoln police are looking for a male suspect whom they say entered an elderly couple’s home in the middle of the night and attacked the male homeowner with a stun gun.

Police said the intruder crawled in through a partially open window at the home on Woodward Road early Friday morning and startled the elderly man awake. He demanded money from the homeowner and shocked him with a Taser-type device. The intruder then took the victim’s wallet and escaped through the same open window he came in.

According to police, the victim said the intruder stood between 5-foot-6 and 5-foot-9, but he was not able to provide a more detailed description.

With the weather turning warmer, Lincoln police said this incident serves as a reminder to take precautions when opening windows at night. Police recommend homeowner use exterior motion lights and restrictive device on their windows.