RIDOT Construction continues after holiday break

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – To help ease holiday traffic some construction projects were halted over the Memorial Day Weekend but as people head back to work they can expect the return of cone zones.

Just as drivers were getting used to the lane splits on I-195 in Providence things are changing up again. RI-DOT announced new lane splits going into effect this week.

The lanes will still split over the bridge, between the I-95 Interchange and Gano Street, but starting Wednesday the shift will change the number of lanes on either side of that split.

Like before the split will change Eastbound first, with two lanes to the left and two lanes to the right of the split. Then on Thursday, the split will change Westbound too, with the same configuration.

One thing that doesn’t change is all lanes still go through to I-195 and drivers are encouraged to stay in their lane.

“The splits will look a little different but it will be the same kind of rule, all the lanes will re-converge after the work zones,” said RI-DOT Director Peter Alviti.

Meanwhile, those heading to Newport can also expect some delays as work to replace the deck on the Pell Bridge resumes.

Last week, prep work caused major headaches for drivers and this week they can expect more of the same as traffic will be limited to one lane in each direction.

“If you have to be somewhere, give yourself extra time. We’re anticipating 20 minute delays if you’re going over in rush hour,” said Eric Offenberg, the Director of Engineering for the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority.

And it will be a summer of construction. Bridge work on I-195 is expected to last until late June or mid-July and work on the Pell Bridge will continue until the end of June, then halt for the peak season during July and August, and then restart in September.