RI lawmaker seeks to eliminate tax on beer, malt beverages

Beer beverage.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The House Finance Committee is expected to hear legislation Wednesday that aims to eliminate the retail sales tax on all alcoholic beverages in Rhode Island.

The General Assembly voted in 2013 to remove the 7% tax on wine and spirits. Now, House Minority Whip Blake A. Filippi is seeking to include beer and malt beverages.

Rep. Filippi, R-New Shoreham, said Rhode Island stores saw a boost in business from the initial repeal and he hopes his bill will further add to that, especially since there’s no tax on alcohol in neighboring Massachusetts.

“Our legislation is in the best interest of Rhode Island merchants – who are losing business to customers who don’t mind traveling a few miles across the border to save money,” Filippi said in a statement. “Rhode Island needs to do everything it can to help small business owners grow their businesses.”

In addition, Filippi said his legislation will also save residents money.