Wedding planning etiquette

Wedding season is upon us! Many couples will be sorting through all of the details, which can be difficult and cause stress. Mister Manners, Thomas P. Farley, shares his advice for handling certain sticky situations during the planning process.


  • Who to invite
    • Weddings can be expensive and sometimes the guest list can snowball. Who should you invite and who do you leave out?
  • Responding
    • Many guests wait too long to send their RSVP leaving more stress on the bride and groom
    • If you can’t make it, should you send a gift? Does your relationship with the couple affect this? What if it was a last-minute invite?
  • Seating arrangements
    • Families are not drama-free. Should you take this into account when making a seating chart? What personalities (or friends/relatives/etc.) go well together?
  • Family affair
    • It seems as though weddings are a perfect time for any and all relatives to share an opinion. How do you handle it?
    • What steps can you take to turn down a loved ones’ request or suggestion?