RI lawmakers seek to publicly release all 38 Studios documents

PROVIDENCE, R.I.(WPRI) — The Rhode Island Senate is considering a bill that would require the public release of grand jury documents related to the 38 Studios investigation collected by the State Police and the Attorney General’s Office.

Senate President Dominick Ruggerio is one of several Senate leaders who co-sponsored the bill, saying that while it still needs to be vetted in committee, he supports the release of 38 studios documents.

“This bill will ensure the public has access to all documentation related to a public investigation regarding the expenditure of public dollars,” Ruggerio said. “Only total transparency will give the public confidence that they have a complete accounting of the events related to 38 Studios.”

This legislation is identical to an amended bill passed unanimously by the House in March.

In February, Gov. Gina Raimondo formally petitioned to have the courts order the release of grand jury documents, but a judge ruled in May that the governor was unable that the demonstrate the need for disclosure outweighed the need for secrecy. The governor had not yet said if she plans to appeal the ruling.

No criminal charges have ever been filed in connection with the 38 Studios case.