New opposition to Roger Williams Park traffic pattern

PROVIDENCE, R.I.(WPRI) – The Providence City Council has introduced a measure to put Mayor Jorge Elorza’s traffic pattern plan for Roger Williams Park on hold, until traffic impact studies are conducted in both Providence and Cranston.

The plans to change F.C. Memorial Boulevard to a one-way greenway has drawn criticism from residents whose neighborhoods border the park.  As of Friday morning, the change had been put into effect, while protesters gathered with signs to voice their concerns about the plan’s impact on city streets.

Traffic pattern at Roger Williams Park

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung has publicly stated that the City of Providence did not engage his administration in any discussion about the plans.

Fung also called on the administration to halt implementation until further information becomes available.

In a letter sent to Mayor Elorza and the Providence City Council today, Rhode Island Foundation Executive Director Neil Steinberg stated concerns and frustrations with the administration’s execution of its plan: “[W]e are disappointed by what we believe are avoidable, public scuffles about the efficacy of the directional change on Greene Boulevard and an inability to transparently gather and consider input from the community regarding this change.”

The resolution was sent to the committee on Public Works for further deliberation.