Police to conduct thorough inspections of commercial vehicles


NORTH SCITUATE, R.I. (WPRI) — As part of a nationwide campaign, state and local police in Rhode Island will be conducting comprehensive roadside inspections of commercial vehicles this week.

From June 6 to June 8, police will be examining the “mechanical fitness” of the vehicles and the driver’s operating requirements, according to Rhode Island Department of Public Safety spokesperson Laura Meade Kirk. The inspections will take place at the I-95 North weigh station in Richmond and the Route 146 South weigh station in North Smithfield.

It’s part of the 30th Annual International Roadcheck, sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. Kirk said a special focus of this year’s campaign is identifying violations in cargo security to ensure trucks have their loads appropriately secured.

“We hope the International Roadcheck reminds owners and operators of all commercial vehicles – from the largest tractor-trailer trucks to small commercial pickups – that they need to comply with state and federal regulations to keep our roadways safe for everyone,” Rhode Island State Police Superintendent Ann Assumpico said in a statement.

Kirk said the International Roadcheck is considered the largest law enforcement check targeting commercial vehicles and includes checking brakes, coupling devices, exhaust and fuel systems, lighting requirements, and tires. Inspectors will also verify driver’s licenses, registrations, travel logs, and driver sobriety.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance estimates that during the campaign’s 30-year run, more than 1.5 million inspections have been completed.

Approximately 63,000 vehicles were checked during last year’s campaign, according to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. Of those inspected, 21.5 percent were taken out of service.