Vandals target Providence’s Big Blue Bug

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Police are investigating after someone vandalized Nibbles Woodaway, the termite mascot of Big Blue Bug Solutions.

The bug has a perch along I-95 and over the years has become a Rhode Island landmark. For the winter, the termite sports a Rudolph red nose; sometimes in the summer, Nibbles has been outfitted with sunglasses and a mock cup of Del’s frozen lemonade.

Someone got onto the top of the O’Connell Street building and spray-painted the termite at some point before dawn Monday. Both sides of the mascot were tagged with graffiti.

The owner of Big Blue Bug Solutions, Tony DeJesus, said this is the first time Nibbles has been vandalized.

“We were shocked when we came in this morning and saw it,” DeJesus recalled.

“The bug is a landmark in Rhode Island. People use it for drive-by directions and kids love it,” he added. “To deface it like that is really just a shame.”

DeJesus isn’t sure how they’re going to remove the graffiti yet, but whether they paint over it or find a way to remove it, it’s going to be expensive.