Police: Boston cop on coffee run foils robbery attempt

A police officer dropped his Dunkin' to respond to a robbery. (Photo: Boston PD)

BOSTON (WPRI) — Boston Police are putting the word out – if you’re going to rob a Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s best not to do during an officer’s coffee run.

Police said the officer was ordering coffee in Roxbury Wednesday afternoon when a man entered the store and asked the employee behind the counter if he could use the restroom. The employee said that there was no public restroom here, but directed him to where he could find one at a nearby location.

Police said the officer ordered his coffee, then walked toward his marked cruiser in a rear parking lot. Right before he entered the car, an employee burst from the door, telling the officer, “He’s robbing us! He’s robbing us!”

Police said the officer ran to the front entrance, spilling his coffee in the process, and caught the suspect as he was leaving the store and placed him under arrest.

The officer recovered a paper bag containing hundreds of dollars in stolen money.

Stephen M. White, 51, of Boston was charged with unarmed robbery and threats to do bodily harm.

As for the officer’s coffee, the Dunkin’ employees replaced what was spilled during the incident.