Twin River list documents people excluded from casino

LINCOLN, R.I. (WPRI) – Twin River casino keeps a list of names – currently at about 2,500 people – who are not allowed to step foot inside the facility.

The vast majority of the people, roughly 70 percent according to spokesperson Patti Doyle, have asked to be put on the list voluntarily.

“They feel as though they need an added barrier from entering a gaming venue,” Doyle said. “They ask by filling out a form that’s online through the Rhode Island Division of Lotteries.”

The remainder of the people on the list are told to stay away because they have broken casino rules or have been identified as troublemakers. If they get caught on the property after being placed on the exclusion list, they can be charged with misdemeanor trespassing.

“Some of the infractions to Twin River policies might be lewd behavior to other guests or staff,” Doyle said. “There could be some infractions at the tables or at the roulette wheel – trying to cap bets [or] steal chips from other players.”

As an example, police logs reviewed by Target 12 found one person was ejected and placed on the exclusion list because they dumped a beer into a slot machine out of frustration. The machine needed about $600 in repairs.

Doyle said people can be placed on the list for a period of time or for a lifetime. Twin River would not supply Target 12 with the names of those on the list, but said there are people who have been on it for two decades, dating back to when the casino was called Lincoln Park.

If someone feels they should be removed from the exclusion list, they can plead their case to casino management.

“It’s nothing formal but if they feel that they would like the opportunity to talk to a Twin River manager and state their case, that’s available to them,” she said. “That has happened in the past.”

Security and surveillance team members – as well as undercover detectives from the R.I. State Police – look to identify people in the casino that should not be there. An ejected person can also be flagged when they use a loyalty card or attempt to cash in a sizable winning, which requires a photo ID.

In July 2018, a new casino is scheduled to open in Tiverton. Doyle said if someone is on the exclusion list at Twin River, they will also be banned from the Tiverton facility, and are currently barred from Newport Grand.

“That’s a transfer of license,” Doyle said. “When Newport Grand closes the license transfers to Twin River Tiverton and the policy is the same.”

Tim White ( ) is the Target 12 investigative reporter and host of Newsmakers for WPRI 12 and Fox Providence. Follow him on Twitter and on Facebook