Man gets one year prison for role in North Providence killing

Davante Neves is cuffed following his sentencing.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A man facing a conspiracy charge in the killing of a North Providence man and the shooting of the man’s son last year was sentenced to one year prison and a nine-year suspended sentence and probation for his role in the crime.

Davante Neves was charged with conspiracy to commit felony assault.

Hernan Avila, Jr. was killed and his son, Hernan Avila III, injured in a shooting outside a North Providence convenience store.

On the night of May 15, 2016, North Providence Police said Neves and four others were involved in a confrontation outside a convenience store where Hernan Avila, Jr., 46, was shot and killed, and his son, Hernan Avila III, 23, was shot and injured. Family members said the elder Avila jumped in front of his son to protect him from the bullets.

Ernest Keosouphanh pleaded guilty this past March to murder and felony assault charges, as well as others. Prosecutors said he was the one who fired the gun. Also accused were Brandyn Pavao, 23, whose charges included first-degree murder; Davon “D-Nice” Silva, 19; and Nicholas Armenti, 18.

In a statement his lawyer read on his behalf Tuesday morning, Neves said he took full responsibility for his involvement in “that horrible night,” and apologized to the victim and victim’s family.

Before that statement, Georgette Avila, Hernan Avila, Jr.’s wife, read a statement of her own to the court, calling for all of the young men who committed the attack to pay, saying in part: “My husband lost his life that night protecting our son… Now they cry for sympathy.

“I do not feel no sympathy for none of them,” she said.

Neves was placed in handcuffs immediately after court adjourned.