MBTA police: Woman walked off with $40K violin

MBTA police say this woman assisted in locating a $40,000 violin which its owner left behind by mistake.

BOSTON (WPRI/AP) – A $40 thousand violin was reported missing and MBTA Transit Police are seeking the help of the public in identifying a woman they believe walked off with it.

Superintendent Richard Sullivan says the owner had been waiting for a train and put her stuff down. She forgot the instrument and jumped on the train, then later realized she didn’t have it with her.

Transit police said an unidentified woman grabbed the valuable violin after it was left behind. In a photo provided by transit police, the suspect appears to be wearing a North Quincy Red Raiders sweatshirt.

The instrument was originally reported lost at South Station, just after midnight on June 10. Sullivan says police aren’t seeking charges against the woman and just want her to return the violin.

Individuals with information about the violin theft are urged to call the Transit Police Criminal Investigation Unit at 617-222-1050 or via anonymous text at 873873.