Rhode Island state senator apologizes for angry exchange

Screen grab from Capitol TV

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP/WPRI) — A Rhode Island state senator said he has apologized for yelling at a man who was testifying at a legislative hearing.

Sen. Stephen Archambault, a Smithfield Democrat, tells WPRO-AM he “overreacted” during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week.

Screen grab from Capitol TV

The angry exchange happened during testimony by Terry Gorman, executive director of Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement. Gorman was speaking against legislation that would have granted special driver’s licenses to immigrants living in the country illegally.

Gorman paused to ask why Archambault and other senators on the committee appeared to be laughing during Gorman’s testimony. Archambault retorted that what he was saying to fellow senators was “my business.”

Archambault told the radio station Monday: “For my tone I apologize.”

Archambault released the following statement to Eyewitness News:

“I would like to say that after hearing the tape, I did sound harsh. I have respect for Mr. Gorman, and I did apologize to him for my abrupt behavior. I also want to apologize to the great people of this state and to the institution I represent. In no way did I mean any disrespect to anyone and, at the end of the day, this is the people’s house. More importantly, I have to ask God for forgiveness from being harsh. Again, I apologize.

“During my exchange with Mr. Gorman, I overreacted, and for my tone I apologize. I have since talked with Mr. Gorman and we both expressed that there were no hard feelings.”



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