Del’s lemonade salesman robbed at gunpoint, police K9 locates teenage suspect

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A Del’s lemonade salesman was robbed at gunpoint outside Roger Williams Park Zoo Tuesday afternoon.

Providence police said officers were called to the entrance of Roger Williams Park Zoo around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday for a reported robbery.

According to a police report, Henry Almonte, of Wakefield, was selling Del’s lemonade outside the zoo’s entrance when he noticed three young men “suspiciously hanging around his stand and the immediate area.” He described the suspects as in their mid to late teens with dark complexions.

According to the report, Almonte told police he approached the young men to ask what they were doing and if they were waiting for a ride. One of the teenagers allegedly said, “give me your wallet.” Almonte then reported a second suspect came up behind him and said, “give me what’s in your pockets.”

Almonte reportedly turned around and saw the second suspect pointing a gray and black gun at him.

According to the report, Almonte began questioning the suspect with the gun. The suspect took off running into the parking lot of the zoo.

Almonte then noticed the cash bag on top of his lemonade cart was missing. It allegedly contained close to $200.

Providence police responded and searched the area. Two police K9s assisted in searching the eastern parking lot, which was the last location where the suspects were seen.

According to the report, a police K9 named Jimbo picked up a scent and began a track through a wooded area heading toward Broad St. in Providence. He stopped at a chain link fence at the old Club Fogon.

Several officers responded to that area of Broad St. While investigating, officers found a person who fit the description of the suspect with the gun. Almonte had given police a description of the clothes he was wearing.

Police stopped the suspect and recovered a pellet gun and $95 cash on him. He was arrested, but his identity is not being released because he is under 18 years old.

Providence police are still investigating the situation.