Street signs for Providence street are misspelled

Misspelled street sign for Westminster St., Providence, R.I., June 21, 2017. (Steve Nielsen, WPRI-TV)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — It’s always a good reminder before putting anything in print to cross your T’s and dot your I’s and in Providence’s case, double check you don’t have an extra letter altogether.

Investigating a tip we got through social media, we found two signs along Westminster Street in downtown were misspelled. The signs contain an extra I and read “Westminister Street.”

Emily Crowell, a spokesperson Mayor Jorge Elorza’s office, said the city’s Department of Public Works is now looking into how the misspelling made it all the way to the street. She said Wednesday was the first time the issue had been brought to the department’s attention.

“We will review whether we can adjust those signs or need to have additional [ones] printed,” said Crowell in an email.

She said she’d have to research exactly who printed or installed the existing signs. They were installed a few years ago, she said.

The signs belong to a family of “wayfinding” signs that are topped with a color-coded “neighborhood” title; in this case, the “Downcity Arts District.” Similar two-tiered street signs are used in the “Broadway” area in the city’s West End, “Federal Hill,” “Wanskuck,” and other neighborhoods.

Residents or visitors who observe an issue with a street sign, or any other concern, can contact the city by calling 311 in Providence, or go to the Mayor’s Center for City Services page.