Town issues apology, won’t move men buried at wrong plots

TIVERTON, R.I. (WPRI) — Two families with loved ones buried in the wrong gravesites have officially reached a settlement with the town of Tiverton.

Matthew Shaw, a lawyer for one of the two families, said the town agreed to pay each family $1,750 for burial and legal fees. Also included in the agreement was an exchanging of plot deeds and a public statement of apology from the town to each family, Shaw said.

“The town recognizes its error has caused significant stress among the families, in terms of both how the error occurred and the manner in which to remedy the error and, for that, the town offers its most sincere apologies to Ms. Chadwick, and her family,” one apology read to Pamela Chadwick, whose husband is buried at Pocassett Hill Cemetery.

Back in August 2016, the town had originally decided to exhume both bodies. At that time, the Chadwick family said they were only given about a week to fight the ruling before the graves were going to be disrupted.

Since then, all parties have agreed to leave both men buried in their current plots.

“We came up with a resolution that everyone was happy with,” Pamela said.

Shaw said a dismissal stipulation was entered in court yesterday and the case is now closed.