Cranston City Council seeks to return original traffic pattern to Roger Williams Park

CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) – The city of Cranston is not happy with the new one-way traffic pattern in Roger Williams Park, voting Monday to petition the city of Providence to change it back.

According to the Providence Journal, city councilors in Cranston are upset that the change was made by the city of Providence without any warning or consultation. They are concerned over potential traffic issues that could be caused by the one-way pattern.

Ward 1 Councilman Steven Stycos said he is worried about emergency response times being affected, as well as driver confusion as people leave summer concerts and events at the park. In addition, the Park Avenue entrance is directly across the street from Park View Middle School, and he is concerned about increased congestion in the fall.

The park falls just over the Providence city line, meaning it is not under Cranston’s jurisdiction, but it is close enough that the Cranston City Council believe they should have had a say in the matter, which impacts their city’s roads and residents.

Council Vice President Michael Favicchio said he wishes the city of Providence had given them more time to adequately prepare Cranston residents for the change.

The city of Providence has defended the change, saying it improves the flow of traffic in the park and allows for the addition of a bike lane. However, residents in the surrounding area are generally displeased with the new traffic pattern.