Woonsocket man arrested on child molestation, domestic charges

Christian Gonzalez, 27, was arrested on a number of charges including first-degree child molestation. (Woonsocket Police Department photo)

WOONSOCKET, R.I. (WPRI) – Police say a Woonsocket man has been arrested on a number of charges including first-degree child molestation, and officers believe there could be victims that have not yet been identified.

According to Patrol Officer Jeffrey Gagnon Jr., a victim first came to Woonsocket police in January   2014 and alleged that Christian Gonzalez, 27, had sexually assaulted the victim around 20 times. According to Gagnon, the victim, who is related to Gonzalez, said he was a juvenile when the alleged sexual assaults took place.

Gagnon said the victim also indicated that he was four years younger than Gonzalez and that Gonzalez was also a juvenile during “some of the time in which the assaults occurred.”

According to Gagnon, the victim said Gonzalez threatened to harm his family if he told individuals about the alleged sexual assaults.

Gonzalez was arrested Tuesday. The other charges against him include domestic disorderly conduct and domestic assault and battery, and police said those charges stemmed from a separate investigation.

Police said they believe there could be other victims that have not yet been identified and they urged them to contact authorities.