7th time was the charm for local couple whose meeting was a longshot

Art Gardner found more than extra cash as an UBER driver.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – The seventh time was the charm for a Providence couple whose unlikely meeting will culminate in a Friday wedding, on the seventh day of the seventh month in 2017.

Arthur Gardner is a veteran of Operation Desert Shield who drives for Uber to make some extra cash. But not even the surprises of the open seas prepped him for the drives of his life.

Only in Rhode Island would several drivers think Smithfield was too far to go for a fare, but Brendan McCaughey was passed over several times.

They admit it will be almost impossible to forget their anniversary.

“I had six people that accepted and then decided to cancel,” McCaughey recalled.

Gardner was driver number seven.

He took McCaughey to his destination, and even agreed to hold a bag that was not allowed in the venue. He also told him he would come back to drive him home later that night.

“I figured he’d have the same problem trying to get back to [Smithfield],” Gardner said.

“Or he just wanted to continue our conversation,” McCaughey countered.

Those two long drives by Rhode Island standards opened the door to the rest of their lives.

“The proposal was the following Labor Day because when you know, you know,” Gardner said.

The date they saved was an obvious choice, since they realized if any of the other six drivers had picked up McCaughey, they would’ve never met. So, they agreed to tie the knot on 7-7-17.

“We figured based on the luck of the seventh ride, it kind of just made sense,” Gardner said.

They both admit it will be almost impossible to forget their anniversary.