Oversized truck back on the road to Medway

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — A truck carrying a generator weighing more than 500,000 pounds resumed its journey through Rhode Island Monday night.

The state Department of Transportation (RIDOT) announced it issued a permit to Bay Crane Northeast, the company transporting the oversized load, after reaching an agreement that “satisfies the concerns of both parties about public safety and the integrity of the state’s infrastructure.”

The big rig – which weighs approximately seven times the state’s legal weight limit – left for its final destination in Medway, Massachusetts at about 8:15 p.m. It had been sitting in a Park & Ride lot on Route 117 in Warwick since June 30. Prior to that, it was stopped on the side of I-95 for several days after it was found to have been far too heavy to traverse Rhode Island’s bridges.

On Friday, RIDOT canceled plans to move the truck as the two sides disputed who would cover any costs related to the move.

Planned route of the overweight truck (Map provided by RIDOT)

Under the new agreement, RIDOT said Bay Crane agreed to:

  • Issue a $25 million insurance policy with the state of Rhode Island as a co-insured party
  • Pay for the cost of the Rhode Island State Police escort
  • Reimburse RIDOT $60,000 to cover the unusual circumstances brought about by the unique nature of this incident

“Public safety has always been our priority in this matter,” RIDOT Director Peter Alviti said in a statement. “It was our job to make sure that the people of Rhode Island were kept safe and that our roads and bridges were not damaged. We have achieved this. This accord also protects the financial interests of the taxpayers of the State with Bay Crane’s agreement to reimburse the State for expenses brought about by the unique nature of this situation.”

RIDOT said the agreement also established guidelines for its relationship with Bay Crane in the future.

The excursion will take about 10 hours, according to Alviti, and more than 50 bridges and culverts along the route will be reassessed following the move.

State police said they are investigating whether Bay Crane violated state statutes and if fines need to be imposed.