Affidavit details New Bedford woman’s alleged role in Florida murder

Police said Desiree Tedder, 23, is accused of killing a Florida man and was arrested in Dartmouth. (Massachusetts State Police photo)

PENSACOLA, FL (WPRI) – Documents from a state attorney’s office in Florida revealed new details about a Dartmouth woman’s alleged role in a murder.

Desiree Tedder, 23, is charged with second-degree murder in Florida following the death of 23-year-old Druelmauert Mims, who had gone missing in March.

According to documents released Tuesday, officers said Tedder and another woman, Lizmary Rodriguez, told police that Mims had stayed at their Pensacola house overnight on March 29 and into March 30. Tedder and Rodriguez said they had also been shot by an unidentified male, who they claimed had previously been seen with Mims.

According to Pensacola Police Officer Christopher Grantham, the information given by Tedder and Rodriguez meant they “were the last people to see Mims” before his disappearance, the report said.

Less than a week after talking to police, Tedder and Rodriguez reportedly traveled to New Bedford and went to a hospital to have their gunshot injuries treated. Tedder was arrested by New Bedford police at the hospital and charged with felony possession of narcotics, the report said. Tedder was reportedly carrying marijuana, as well as Xanax and ecstasy pills.

Authorities said Rodriguez claimed she woke up and “saw Tedder striking Mims in the face with a crowbar,” and later “took a kitchen-type knife and stabbed Mims.” He was still alive, according to the report, so “Tedder then took a pillow and began suffocating Mims until he was unresponsive,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez then told police Tedder kept the victim’s body in a trash can outside, but when family started asking for him she dug a hole in the backyard and buried him.

Police said they found Mims’ body right where Rodriguez said he would be. Investigators then questioned Tedder, who said the reason she was digging in the backyard was to fix a fence, the report stated.

“Her family is devastated and confused obviously, as any family would be,” said Tedder’s defense attorney, John Connors. “She goes to Florida, comes back here, and this shows up.”

Tedder remains in New Bedford as she’s currently fighting extradition to Florida.