Standards for issuing Heat Advisories updated

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EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — You may notice an increase in Heat Advisories this summer because the standards for issuing one recently changed.

Heat Advisories are put in place to notify the public to take precautions to avoid heat illness.

Up until this year, a Heat Advisory was issued when the heat index was forecast between 100 and 104 degrees. The heat index is the feel-like temperature that factors in both the temperature and the humidity.

Going forward, a Heat Advisory will be issued if the heat index is forecast to stay at least 95 degrees for two or more hours in a row.

The change is based on research that shows a heat index even in the mid-90s can be dangerous.

Even if a Heat Advisory isn’t issued, it’s important to be careful during the summer. If you plan to be outside on a warm or hot day, be sure to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.