Home Depot files lawsuit against rival store in Warwick

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) – There’s currently a legal feud between the Home Depot and At Home stores in Warwick.

Home Depot is suing At Home Stores, LLC over a real estate agreement it has with the condo association.

Documents were signed years ago to prevent a competitor from moving into the Bald Hill Road complex and stealing business.

In April, At Home opened up right next door to Home Depot.

A superior court judge ruled on the side of Home Depot, barring that particular At Home location from selling furniture, rugs, cabinets, and gardening supplies.

In a statement, Home Depot said, “As any business would, we’re going to protect our right to enforce the restrictive covenants of our real estate agreement.”

On Thursday, At Home asked the Supreme Court to stay the decision.

Their filing says stopping the sale of furniture “will force At Home to close down the location.”

Plus, they claim they spend $5.5 million this year opening it.

At Home claims they’ve actually helped Home Depot’s bottom line by bringing in more foot traffic.

In a statement, they said they can’t comment on the litigation, but said, “It is important to note that we believe At Home is not a direct competitor of Home Depot, but rather a complementary business. We are a home décor retailer and they are a home improvement retailer.”

At Home’s filing also points out the previous tenant, Sam’s Club, also sold similar items to Home Depot, but Home Depot did file suit against them.

The case now moves to the Rhode Island Supreme Court.