Hawk zapped by power line, recovering at rehab center


BRADFORD, R.I. (WPRI) — A female red-tailed hawk is receiving rehabilitation in South County after animal experts say she was shocked by a ‘hot’ wire in Charlestown.

The Born To Be Wild Nature Center in the village of Bradford, between Westerly and Hopkinton, said in a Facebook posting Monday evening that the red tailed hawk was injured by a utility pole., and they have contacted the requisite power company.

The nature center told Eyewitness News that the power company checked out the pole and it passed all tests. They think the hawk may have been standing next to a transformer and touched a wire with her wing.

The hawk is believed to be 3 months old, but “she still sounds like a baby,” the center said. Wildlife nurses are applying a fresh bandage and healing cream to the bird’s leg wound every three days, as well as giving the hawk antibiotics and pain medication.

The center believes the hawk will recover, but it’ll be a while before she can use both her legs fully.

Photo: Born to Be Wild Rehab Center
This photo shows the hawk’s injury six days ago (Photo: Born to Be Wild Nature Center)
This photo shows the hawk’s injury three days ago (Photo: Born to Be Wild Nature Center)