Patriots become first NFL team to buy planes, will fly out of TF Green

Photo: ESPN

FOXBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — The New England Patriots will be flying in style this upcoming season, thanks to a pair of planes that likely cost at least $5 million each.

According to ESPN, the planes are 767 Boeing wide-body jets that can travel for about 12 hours at a time. One of the planes will be used as the main plane, while the second plane will be used as a backup, ESPN said.

NFL teams have 10 road games per season, including eight regular season road games. The sports network cited sources who said those 10 round-trips can cost up to $4 million every year.

Stacey James, a spokesperson for the Patriots, told Eyewitness News he expects the jets will fly out of T.F. Green Airport in Warwick.

“I assume we are flying out T.F. Green still, we’ve done that historically for 10 years,” James said. “But I don’t know that for sure.”

The jets are not in the area right now, according to James, but will likely arrive before the team travels to Houston for their preseason matchup with the Texans.

“I assume we will use them next week,” he said. “We fly out on Monday, we’ll get an itinerary this weekend and I assume we’ll fly out of Green.”

ESPN also reported that the Patriots will allow individuals to rent the planes when they are not being used.