In the Kitchen: Blue Fin Tuna, Boozy Cream Jars

Chef Jeanie Roland from Ella’s stopped by “The Rhode Show” on Thursday morning, to show viewers how to make:

1. Seared local Blue Fin Tuna with tomato-melon-corn relish
fresh herb & radish top salad

2. Peach & local blueberry boozy cream jars


Local Blue Fun Tuna with Tomato-Corn-Melon Relish

1- large, ripe tomato…seeded & diced
1- 1/2 orange melon, seeded & diced
2 ears of corn, seasoned & grilled, remove from ear.
1- orange, tested & juiced
evoo to coat
salt & pepper TT

Herb mix
mint, basil, parsley, sweet pea tops & relish tops

For the Blue Fin Tuna:

Lightly oil & season steaks
olive oil

Note: Do not heat oil in pan, season the protein that you plan to sear or grill.

Boozy Cream:

6 egg yolks
1/3 C sugar
1 T Pure vanilla extract
2.5 T gran mariner or cointreau (or your favorite liquor)


In stainless steel bowl add: yolks, sugar, vanilla & booze and cook over water bath and cook until slightly thickened being careful not to curdle yolks.
Remove from heat and whisk by hand for approx 1 min to cool. Let cool to room temp.

2 C heavy cream whipped to semi stiff peaks

Whisk 1/3 of whipped cream into boozy egg mix. then gently fold in remaining 2/3 of cream with rubber spatula. place in pastry/piping bags


Layer cream with your favorite fruit and top with fruit or mint.
As months change, change your summer fruits & flavors to more seasonal choices.