Rhody Roundup: The Pats have two new planes!

The Rhody Roundup!
We chatted about some of the headlines making the rounds this week.
Our panel this morning was our guest co-host for the day, actor and host Matty Blake,
Ashley Erling, Executive Producer of “The Rhode Show”, and Nick G from HOT 106

Whether you know it or not your Instagram account tells a story of your mental health.
What types of photos do you enjoy posting?

Earlier this week, we saw a list of the safest ballparks, in terms of food.
Fenway was ranked number two!
What are your favorite ballpark foods?

The Pats just played their first preseason game.
They’re now the first n-f-l team to have their own planes.
If you could have any big, indulgent thing — what would it be?