Residents seek relief after weeks without A/C in Providence apartment building

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – The air conditioning hasn’t worked for weeks at the Charles Place Apartments in Providence.

“It’s extremely hot,” said Sabrina Cooley, a resident of the 200-unit apartment building. “I barely slept at all last night.”

Cooley told Call 12 for Action that the heat exacerbated her respiratory problems. She’s been spending time outside to find relief.

“It’s warm outside as well, but we’re trying to get some type of a breeze because the inside is extremely hot,” Cooley added. “It’s overbearing.”

Call 12 for action went to the building’s manager Georgeanne Keith for answers.

“Our residents are important to us, and we want this to be a safe comfortable place to live,” Keith said.

The broken air conditioning unit is a year and a half old, according to Keith.

“They’ve tried several things to get this unit up and running,” she added. “They get it running and it seems like every time they get it running, something else breaks on it. We are consistently working on the service.”

Keith said the air conditioning company has two parts on order, and she expects the next round of repairs to happen soon.

In the meantime, the community room on the first floor of the apartment building is open to all residents. It has its own air conditioning unit and is kept at a cool 70 degrees.

“This is the only place in the building that has A/C right now,” Keith said. “We have tried to get the residents to use this room while the A/C has been off, but no one has chosen to use this very cool room.”