Louisiana girl spreads love to Providence police

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A young girl on a mission to pay it forward to those who protect and serve made a stop in Providence on Monday.

As part of her “Rosalyn Loves” movement, Rosalyn Baldwin of Louisiana is traveling around the country with her family in hopes of hugging a police officer in every state.

On Monday, the 7-year-old met with officers in Providence and attended roll call at the city’s Public Safety Complex.

Angie Baldwin said her daughter’s mission began in response to the ambush attacks on police that have taken place in recent months.

“She was so wounded and hurt by the shootings in Dallas,” Baldwin said Monday. “We talked to her about that and were able to calm her down, but it happened again in Baton Rouge and she says, ‘mama that could’ve been my friends’ daddies, that could be my friends’ mamas. We have to do something, the world is going crazy.'”

Rhode Island was the 17th state Baldwin has visited so far.