8,800 bars of Bradford Soap going to Harvey victims

(Photos provided by Bradford Soap Works)

WEST WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — With sanitation likely to be troublesome in Texas due to flooding and damage from hurricane-turned-tropical depression Harvey, Bradford Soap Works is donating 8,800 bars of soap to be sent to the people in the devastated areas of Texas and Louisiana.

Bradford Soap Works CEO Stuart Benton said in a statement that the company is also sending their thoughts and prayers to the victims with the donated products. “We know that water, sanitation, and hygiene will be of critical importance to [victims] in this tremendously difficult time.”

(Photos provided by Bradford Soap Works)

Couriers for UPS picked up the pallets of soap packages Wednesday morning. The company made the donation through the global humanitarian organization World Vision.

“Soap and other hygiene materials are first response items, so this will be both in great demand and greatly appreciated,” said Jim Fischerkeller, the corporate engagement director for the organization’s U.S. arm.

Bradford says it donates thousands of bars of soap to those in need across the United States and throughout the world every year.

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