RI gas prices surge before holiday weekend

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — As the Gulf Coast reels from the lingering effects of Hurricane Harvey, drivers across the country are feeling the pinch in their wallets.

Gas prices have soared nationwide due to a shortage from flooded Texas refineries. For the first time in years, the national average for a gallon of gas threatens to top $2.50.

Here in Rhode Island, prices have dramatically increased as well, though AAA cautions Harvey may not be the only culprit.

Gas in the Ocean State primarily comes from New York, so the shortage caused by Harvey has less of an impact. However, suppliers are preparing for a possible shortage by raising prices and gathering oil reserves.

The upcoming Labor Day holiday is mostly to blame for the sudden spike in prices, according to AAA. Historically, it isn’t uncommon to see a bump in prices as families try to squeeze fun into the last weekend of summer, though AAA said this year’s sudden jump is startling.

AAA expects prices should return to normal by the end of September.