New students brave the rain at UMass Dartmouth move-in

(Brian Yocono/WPRI)

DARTMOUTH, Mass. (WPRI) – About 1,800 new students braved the rain to move into their accommodations at UMass Dartmouth Sunday morning.

“There are two exciting times on a college campus,” Chancellor Robert Johnson said. “One is when students move in and the other is commencement.”

Johnson donned a raincoat and was on-hand to meet and greet the new students and their families, most of whom hoped the heaviest of the rain brought by Hurricane Harvey’s remnants would pass before they started piling boxes of belongings on the curb.

As with the University of Rhode Island’s move-in event Saturday, UMass staff and student volunteers were also present to help the new students with their move.

It was Johnson’s first time supervising move-in day; he was named Chancellor in March. Aside from the rain, Johnson identified the other challenge facing both the university and its students.

“We’re educating young people for jobs that do not yet exist, he said, “to solve problems we are yet to identify using technologies that haven’t been created.”

Johnson is planning a listening tour both in the community and on campus to build a shared vision for the school.

Classes begin Wednesday.