Relaxation tips for the busy school year

From the Back to School rush to day-to-day meetings and appointments, we are more busy, stressed and burned out than ever before. And it’s not always as easy as just telling yourself to relax, so Meredith Nordhem Ewenson stopped by “The Rhode Show” to share simple ways you can incorporate a layer of relaxation into your day:

Essential Oils – Aroma triggers the emotional part of your brain that controls blood pressure, stress & breathing, so you can use specific essential oils & blends aromatically with a diffuser or even breathing out of the bottle to relax you

Breathing/Meditating – Even just a few deep breaths can be the perfect jumpstart or reset for your day. Focusing on your breath can calm your nervous system & actually give your body energy. Meditation or intentional breathing can slow heart rate, lower blood pressure, decrease muscle tension & so much more.

Movement/Exercise – Movement or exercise can quickly diffuse anxiety & stress by increasing endorphins aka feel good hormones in the body. Bonus: Adding movement into your day can also help you sleep better at night which makes your following day more relaxing!