Family, community grieves after Attleboro teen drowns during vacation

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) – A family and the surrounding community are in mourning after an Attleboro High School senior drowned while on a family vacation in North Carolina.

Nick Vero’s mother on Tuesday said the school and the community have been wonderful. The track team wore ribbons in his honor and there will be a moment of silence at Friday night’s football game.

“God, he was such an awesome kid,” Lindsey Vero said of her son. “He really was. So awesome.”

Nick was on the track team at the school and a big brother at home.

“He was the biggest goofball and a brat too. So competitive it was ridiculous,” Lindsey added.

Lindsey said they were on a family vacation in North Carolina this past week. Before the flight back, Nick wanted to go in the water one more time.

“He loved to go out there and jump in the waves,” she said. “Hes done it for the last three years. Why would I think any different?”

Lindsey said Nick was only waist deep when he was hit by a wave.

“All of a sudden it was just like he was in the middle of the ocean in two seconds,” she recalled. “I heard him scream, ‘help!’ I ran in and a wave knocked me over. And I think I saw his head one more time.”

Lindsey said rescue crews looked for hours and her uncle dived in and had to be rescued himself. He is currently in the ICU at the hospital.

“It was all just kind of in slow motion, really in slow motion. It hasn’t really stopped,” Lindsey said. “Every time I close my eyes it’s still there, and probably will always be there.”

As Lindsey grieves, she wants to share a message to other mothers.

“Put a life preserver on your kid. Even if they get mad, who cares?” she said. “Put a life preserver on them, hold their hand, I don’t care how old they are, because they’re gone in a second.”