Newport police warn of coyotes at local park


NEWPORT, R.I. (WPRI) – The Newport Police Department is asking the public to be careful after it received complaints of coyotes around Braga Park.

According to a news release sent by the police department, dog walkers reported that coyotes were walking very close and following them in the park.

The coyotes have also been observed lounging out in the open, near dwellings and have displayed no fear of humans. This behavior could be due to easy food sources and people feeding them, according to the release.

Newport police said they have not received any information that the coyotes are acting in an aggressive manner, but would like to remind dog owners to keep their dogs leashed at all times.

Here are some ways to deter coyotes from your area:

  • Inform young children not to feed or approach any wild animal.
  • Do not leave garbage containers open or accessible to animals.
  • Do not feed your pets outdoors.
  • Keep cats and small animals indoors.
  • Use loud noises to discourage coyotes.

If a coyote is observed in the area of Braga Park, call the Newport Police Department at (401) 847-1212.