No bail for Fall River man accused of dealing drugs while out on bail

Andy Paskowski | WPRI-TV

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) – A Fall River man arrested last month after police say he was trafficking cocaine while already out on bail for a pending cocaine distribution charge, is being held without bail following a dangerousness hearing, according to the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office.

Fall River police arrested Khalid Awer, 37, May 23 and charged him with possession with intent to distribute cocaine-subsequent offense. Awer was arraigned in Fall River District Court and held on $20,000 cash bail at the time. The case moved to Superior Court following Awer’s indictment and he was released on bail following his arraignment.

But on Aug. 8, Awer was arrested again for trafficking cocaine and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, according to the release.

Prosecutors handling the cases pushed for a dangerousness hearing in Fall River Superior Court, which was held late last week, according to the release. After the completion of the dangerousness hearing, the judge found the defendant to be a danger to the community and ordered him held without bail pending trial or disposition of his superior court cases.

“I applaud Judge McGuire for holding this defendant without bail under the state’s dangerousness statute. This defendant has several prior convictions for drug dealing and was out on $20,000 cash bail when he was caught selling large quantities of drugs again,” District Attorney Thomas Quinn said. “This defendant is a danger to the community based upon the repetitive nature of the allegations and should be held without bail pending the outcome of these cases. When his latest arrest was brought to my attention, I approved an immediate indictment.”