Scituate police to relocate due to health concerns with aging HQ

Scituate Police Department Headquarters was also discovered to contain asbestos and mold. (Eric Halperin/WPRI)

SCITUATE, R.I. (WPRI) — The Scituate Town Council voted unanimously Thursday night to approve $65,000 for the temporary relocation of its police department over health concerns with its current headquarters.

Heated testimony was heard at a special council meeting called to discuss the state of the 80-year-old station. Town Council President John Mahoney says testing revealed high levels of asbestos, mold, lead and radon inside the building.

Scituate Police Chief Donald Delaere said the department will vacate the building and a temporary trailer will house dispatchers.

In a statement to Eyewitness News, Mahoney said a faulty hot air heating system that’s been circulating air through the building is to blame for the high levels of asbestos and mold.

“The Chief of police called a staff meeting of the police officers all of the police officers the civilian staff that work there of the dispatchers the union officials and they really have given out a demand that they want to vacate that building for health and safety reasons,” he said.

Mahoney also said money has already been put aside for a new police headquarters, and there will be a special referendum in early December for taxpayers to decide if they want to build a new station or renovate the current one.