Summer starting to make way for autumn

Sky Drone 12/WPRI

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Summer is winding down and for some, autumn is the best time of year.

Sky Drone 12 flew over the Island Park section of Portsmouth. People were out enjoying themselves here with just over a week left before autumn arrives.

“It makes me sad in some ways,” Miriam Moetzel of Portsmouth said.

Moetzel loves summer in New England. A native of northern Michigan, she says this spot reminds her of where she grew up.

“I love being here,” she said. “We come here an awful lot, just sometimes on the beach, sometimes on our chairs.”

Moetzel thinks we’re getting better beach weather right now than we did all summer.

“In other ways, I’m looking forward to the fall,” she said.

Signs of autumn are already here, Sky Drone 12 flew over Escobar Farm in Portsmouth. A corn field here has taken shape into a magnificent maze. It’s open every weekend into early November and is a great place to spend some time and get lost.

Moetzel is looking forward to the smells and sights of autumn, but she likes all the seasons.

“You know what I really like? The first day of snow,” she said.

Autumn officially arrives on Sept. 22 at 4:02 p.m.