Little Compton man loses touch with daughter studying in hurricane-ravaged Dominica

LITTLE COMPTON, R.I. (WPRI) – Reports out of Dominica indicate widespread damage and communications with the outside world are wiped out, and at least one second-year medical student from Rhode Island is there.

Little Compton’s Jeff Griffin just wants his daughter Elisha home. He is frustrated, and his anxiety is through the roof.

Griffin said Wednesday he would settle for just a few seconds on the phone with her, just to know that she is safe. But he hasn’t heard from Elisha since the island, located southeast of Puerto Rico, was overwhelmed by a Category 5 Hurricane Maria.

Jeff was recently contacted by Ross University where Elisha is attending medical school, and they said she is safe and accounted for. The school is planning on moving the students to St. Lucia and then eventually getting them home to the U.S.

Jeff hasn’t had much sleep since he lost contact with his daughter, who he last spoke to a few days ago.

“I said, ‘so, what are your feelings?’ And she said to me, ‘I’m scared.’ And I said, ‘well, do your best. Love you.’ And that was the end of the conversation,” he recalled.

One of Jeff’s mental scenarios, which helps him stay positive, is that she is helping people, since Elisha has wanted to be a doctor since she was 5 years old.

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