Motivating others ‘From the Ground Up’

Activist and Author Nicole Cannella is hosting a motivational conference on Saturday, Sept. 30 titled: “From the Ground Up”, looking to inspire others to rise above the challenging and, in some cases, the unthinkable.

She stopped by “The Rhode Show” on Monday morning, along with some other brave women, to discuss the upcoming event and share personal stories.

Melissa Murray, Dorian Murray’s mom, was a part of the group. She discussed coping and giving back since Dorian’s global reaching impact and his untimely and heartbreaking passing.

Rosemary Heath spoke about her experience. She stood with her husband to protect the life of a waitress being attacked by a madman in a Taunton restaurant last May. The attacker had been on a murderous spree that culminated in the mall where she and here husband dined. An off-duty officer used his firearm to end the assailant’s attack and life, but Rosemary’s husband, who heroically stood to assist, lost his. Rosemary spoke about her survival and goals to keep her husband alive through legacy and scholarships.

“From the Ground Up” will offer attendees speeches, book excerpt readings and signings, a Q & A panel and meet and greet time.

Funds raised from ticket sales will be allocated to each of the speakers’ respective charities and scholarship.