Hasbro exploring options for corporate headquarters

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) – The Pawtucket-based toy company Hasbro is considering many options to update their corporate headquarters, including relocating elsewhere in Rhode Island.

According to Hasbro Senior Vice President Julie Duffy, the company is considering renovating its current headquarters in Pawtucket, but moving to a new corporate campus is also being considered.

Duffy said Hasbro wants to have a contemporary headquarters and is looking for an option that allows employees to have a connected and flexible work space.

“We are committed to delivering a fully-updated, connected and flexible work space for all of our employees, and want to find the right solution that minimizes the disruption to our teams and our business, and will ultimately create the best corporate headquarters for Hasbro into the future,” Duffy said.

In addition to its Pawtucket headquarters, Hasbro has an office in downtown Providence.