Problem Solved: Mound of trash removed from Fall River man’s yard

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) – There was a mound of trash in Derek Correia’s backyard, but it wasn’t his.

“Back here is just a nuisance,” Correia said. “It’s disgusting. I can’t stand it!”

The bags of garbage, broken toys, and old electronics piled up right on the property line that Derek’s home shares with a vacant house. Because the house is vacant, Correia called the city for help with the cleanup.

“We’ve been battling with them for about a year now about cleaning it up,” Correia said. “We have kids, numerous kids that live in our home that love to come back here, but we can’t have them back here because it’s absolutely disgusting.”

“We took some of the trash out, but it’s so much and so gross that i don’t feel responsible to touch it,” he added.

Call 12 for Action contacted the Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia’s office to find out who is responsible for the trash.

Faust Fiore, a apokesperson for Mayor Correia said the property was recently inspected by Fall River’s Code Enforcement Office. Fiore also said the city is working with the new property owner who “inherited the problem.”

“If the owner does not comply, the city will step in and perform the cleanup itself. We expect this issue to be resolved, one way or the other, within a few days,” Fiore wrote in an email.

On Monday, about a week after Call 12 for Action’s initial inquiry to City Hall, Derek Correia noticed that trash was being hauled away from the property.

Correia said he’s relieved that he and his family will be able to finally enjoy their backyard.