Seekonk farm prepares for pumpkin pickers

SEEKONK, R.I. (WPRI)  – Despite recent warm weather, Halloween is approaching and that means so is pumpkin carving season.

This year’s active hurricane season posed a threat on local crops, including pumpkins. Hurricane Jose did do some damage to Four Town Farm’s crops, such as their broccoli, but did not tarnish the pumpkin crop.

Chris Clegg of Four Town Farm said that even though a cool and wet June delayed getting the pumpkin crop in, the crop came out beautifully and was not affected by the recent hurricanes.

“It was the consistent three day, 40 m.p.h. winds that broke some of my more tender, younger plants,” Clegg said. “As far as the pumpkins and the squashes, those vines were already done for the season so there was no damage done to those crops.”

The warm weather and holiday weekend expects to bring many prospective pumpkin pickers to the farm, many that plan on carving Jack-O-Lanterns. Clegg suggests keeping jack-o’-lanterns inside if the warm weather continues.

“You might want to put it in the garage,” said Clegg. “If that’s that one that’s going to be out there on Halloween.”

Clegg also recommends not picking up a pumpkin by its stem to avoid the stem from breaking off and leaving the pumpkin in not so good shape.