Students ingest tainted food at Ricci Middle School

NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – School officials launched an investigation after a student at Ricci Middle School reported seeing foreign objects in the school’s salad bar.

Two North Providence Middle School students are facing discipline tonight for sprinkling “Silica Gel Packets” into the shredded cheese located at the salad bar, according to the middle school’s principal Thomas Mullen in an email he sent to several parents on Oct. 5.

Students who reported feeling ill following the potential ingestion of the substance had their parents notified and were seen by the nurse. Mullen said all students who reported feeling sick improved and were able to return to class.

Mullen said the school contacted the Poison Control Center in Boston and the Rhode Island Department of Health. A health consultant researched the potential health effects of the packets and found it to be non-toxic and no real threat to the students health.