Woman finds pearl in oyster during dinner party

CHARLESTOWN, Mass. (WPRI) – A Boston woman made a one-in-a-million discovery in the unlikeliest of places.

Audine Ike was biting into a seafood dinner when she came across a tiny treasure.

She had just filled her plate with clams and shrimp and a big oyster that caught her eye.

“Went straight to the boat and I saw that massive shell, I was like ‘That’s a big oyster. That’s mine,'” she said.

She deserved that pick, after organizing the dinner for her company. But the real payoff came when she bit down.

“I put it in my mouth, I chewed on it and it hurt. And I was like ‘Ooh, piece of shell. Bleh. What’s that?’ And it was just a perfectly round pearl,” she recalled. “I was like, ‘Is this real, is this real?.’ I was like ‘Um, I think something amazing just happened!'”

She quickly snapped a photo to capture the rare find.

“I showed the shucker, and he immediately took out his phone and said ‘This is a big deal. This does not happen often,” she said.

Ike isn’t sure it has much value, but for her it will serve as a lasting symbol, after a trans-Atlantic move from London.

“Boston’s the greatest place to live, it has the happiest people, it’s so welcoming,” she said. “Everyone welcomes me, everyone loves me. And things like this, good stuff keeps happening ever since I came here. So this is just the proof that I came to the right place.”

The caterer told Ike he’s only seen this happen three times, after serving more than three million oysters.