MBTA had most commuter train breakdowns in U.S. last year

BOSTON, Mass. (WPRI) – For the many commuters who rely on the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority to get into and out of the city for work, commuting headaches are all too common.

A study released by the Federal Transit Administration revealed that in 2016, the MBTA Commuter Rail saw more train breakdowns than any other transit system in the United States.

Over the course of the year, MBTA trains broke down 338 times, while trains in New Jersey broke down 236 times.

The T, as it is known, runs an average of half the number of miles as those in New Jersey and New York, making the contrast between the systems all the more striking.

Commuters said they are used to the delays, with one woman saying she doesn’t think complaints are being acknowledged.

However, Governor Charlie Baker says he is committed to improving the commuter rail.

“I said from the day I took office that the Commonwealth and the T have wildly under-invested in their core infrastructure,” Baker said. “We believe based on a lot of the work people did in 2017 [that] our performance, the T’s performance, the commuter rail’s performance will be significantly better.”