Police: Avoid trick-or-treating in neighborhoods without power

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Officials are warning trick-or-treaters this Halloween to steer clear of neighborhoods without power.

“Carry a flashlight, a visible flashlight, that’s strong enough to see from a car approaching, and just pay attention,” Director of Provience Emergency Management Agency Kevin Kugel said.

Despite the storm, costumes and candy will still flood neighborhoods in Providence.

Providence Police Chief Hugh Clements said people can also expect an increased police presence patrolling in areas that are still without power.

“We are coordinating by the 15-minute mark with National Grid,” Clements said. “I need to make the determination what traffic signals are out before the day is over.”

The impacted areas are spread out. This Halloween, Clements said it’s safer to just avoid those neighborhoods and find a neighborhood that is lit up.

“We are encouraging people to stay away from those neighborhoods that are still without power,” he said.

Clements said pitch black streets can be dangerous for both drivers and trick-or-treaters, but in general, it’s a rule he encourages for any day of the year.

“We always recommend areas that are well lit, because it certainly limits the opportunity for someone prone to take advantage of a darkened area,” Clements said.

Unlike Providence, the town of Scituate is suggesting moving Halloween activities to Friday due to safety concerns.

Gov. Gina Raimondo said it’s up to each mayor to make that call, but she is hoping people across the state remember to be careful.

“If you’re taking your kids out trick-or-treating – which most of us are – treat every wire as a live wire,” she said. “The message to parents and kids is stay away from all wires, stay away from downed trees, it’s natural to see a tree down and go check it out, don’t do that.”

Due to the power outages, neighborhoods with power should be prepared to see more trick-or-treaters.

Kira of Barrington said safety has always been a priority for her and her children on their favorite holiday.

“We have some friends that live off of Lincoln and they had massive power lines come down, lines were actually on fire Sunday night, and they are still without power,” she said. “Luckily our neighborhood is back in working order, so it’s just a matter of wearing glow necklaces and staying visible to the drivers.”

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