National Grid: Power 95 percent restored across RI

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — National Grid crews are once again out working to restore power to thousands of homes and businesses that have been in the dark for days now.

The utility company hoped to get power restored to most of the remaining customers by midnight Thursday, according to spokesperson Ted Kresse. Kresse said that 95 percent of customers who lost power now have it restored.

At last check, our Power Outage Database showed about 2,000 National Grid customers are still without power in Rhode Island and a few hundred remain in Massachusetts, along with a number of Eversource outages in Bristol County, Mass.

Kresse said the damage to the power lines from the storm is unheard of.

“Significant progress, but there’s obviously still work to be done,” Kresse said Thursday. “We understand the frustration a lot of customers have.”

A powerful storm Sunday night into Monday brought down trees and power lines across the region.

“Maybe it’s just one single line that’s down, connected to somebody’s home or something,” Kresse said. “Those are the outliers, and that’s what really takes time. Initially we go for the low-hanging fruit, we can knock out a bunch of customers at once. This is where the slogging really gets going and that’s why it takes a little bit of time. But we’ve got over 675 crews right now. We’re going to get it done, we’re going to get it done as quickly as possible and we just ask for our customers’ patience.”

Expressing frustration with the widespread and persistent outages, Gov. Gina Raimondo has ordered a review of National Grid’s storm preparedness and restoration efforts to be completed once the state is fully back online.