Providence giving meters have generated $506 in two months

Photo: Dan McGowan | WPRI 12

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Individuals have contributed more than $500 to Providence’s orange giving meters since Mayor Jorge Elorza unveiled the donation stations two months ago.

Emily Crowell, a spokesperson for the mayor, said the city’s nine giving meters have received $200 in coin donations and another $306 has been contributed through credit cards at the meters or online at

“We are encouraged by the donations that have been made to date through the #PVDGives locations and website and will continue to monitor the locations and collections,” Crowell said in a prepared statement.

“As November is the month of giving, we will continue to ask folks to donate to PVDGives via the donation stations and website and look forward to awarding the funds to local organizations with a record of success in helping people access permanent, stable housing and economic stability,” she said.

The giving meter program was launched as part of an effort by city leaders to limit panhandling in the city. Proceeds from the meters and the PVDGives website will be donated to organizations that assist “individuals experiencing homelessness.” A five-member commission will review applications and make donation recommendations twice per year.

The city initially planned to install 10 giving meters at nine high pedestrian-traffic areas in the city, but a station that was supposed to be located at Broadway and Knight Street was delayed, according to Crowell. She said the meter will likely be installed this month.

The meters cost the city $1,000 each to install and $5.50 each per month.

Elorza used a credit card to donate $100 to the giving meter in Kennedy Plaza on the day he announced the program. He has said the city doesn’t have a goal for how much it expects to receive in donations.

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