Fallen tree knocks out power in West Warwick neighborhood

WEST WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Strong winds Friday morning ripped down a tree in West Warwick on a street that was previously affected by the late October storm.

The sound of that tree crashing down gave the quiet West Warwick neighborhood an unpleasant wake-up call just before 7 a.m.

“There was a loud noise and the house seemed to shake a bit,” homeowner Vincent Marzullo said.

Fortunately, the tree did not damage any homes on the way down but it did land on the power lines in front of Marzullo’s house.

“It hot-wired the cable line and it caused sparking in my basement and it melted the cable line,” he said.

The smoke and sparks triggered an early morning visit from the West Warwick Fire Department. Late Friday morning, National Grid was busy restoring power to Marzullo’s home and several of his neighbors.

Eyewitness News was on the same street just after the October storm, when across the street a different tree came down causing serious damage to the roof of one home and a truck.

While that tree has since been removed, the damage still remains.

Marzullo said the most recent downed tree is from the same group of trees as the one that went down last month.

“The roots in that tree grouping are all gone,” he said. “Termites have just killed off those routes, and there are at least three or four other trees, they are going to go down.”